Curriculum Vitae

Real name: Franciscus Johannes Maria (Frank) Nendels
Date of Birth (location): January 8 1955, Maasdriel, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Spouse: Anita van Kempen (1978 – )
Children: Kim Jannu, boy, born October 13, 1992 and Myra Pilar, girl, born November 2, 1994

  • tel : +31 (0)622660435
  • Mail:
  • Sex : Male.
  • Length: 1,78 m.
  • Eyes: blue.
  • Hair: Dark Blond.

Dress: Confection : 50 Collar : 42 Jeans : 32/36 Shoes : 43 Hat : 60
Music: Singer in Dutch Nederbeat band The Touch.



  • Violist in drama-serie “Drama in muziek”, with Thom Hoffman (1990);


  • “Potato Painter ” in Floriade-film “Aarts Paradise”;


  • Hooligan in tv-serie “Bureau Kruislaan”;
  • Cocain-dealer in tv-serie “In de Vlaamse Pot”;
  • Helmsman in Scheepvaartmuseum-film “Seylagie naer Batavia” (Director: Jan Keja);
  • “Axeman” in youth-series (NOB) “In the Wigtime” (Director: Jan Keja);
  • Mafioso in Dutch movie “Angie”;


  • Hell’s Angel in “British Knights” (commercial, Academy of Arts The Hague. Director: Evert Den Hartog).
  • Dealer in “G.T.S.T.” (Director: Pollo de Pimentel);
  • Drugs addict in tv-serie “Medical Failures” (regie: Robert Kievit for EO).


  • Priest in examination-film “Femme” (Academy of Film, Amsterdam, director: Jacek Lenartowicz);
  • Neanderthal man in commercial for the Archeon.
  • Removal man in Dutch movie “Prime Time” (Director: Bob Rooyens).
  • Hippy in “Noviomagus” (Director: Hugo Rikken).
  • “Johny” (Main) in aids-prevention film for the Ministry of Justice and Health. (Director: Lex Rietman).


  • Footbal-fan in movie “Eleven men against eleven”(Londen).


  • Homeless vagabond in slapstick
  • ANTON in INCOGNITO (Director: John Badham)


  • Barbarian in commercial for ACE. (Director:: Carol Leftwich (UK))
  • Louche type in GTST (tv, Director: Gert Jan Booy);
  • Tramp in “Fiddlin Around” (Director: Hugo Rikken);


  • Member of the Grand Jury in German program called “GlücksSpirale”.
  • Prisoner in “Herinrichting Slot Loevesteijn” (Director: Bert Barten)


  • Cowboy in commercial for LU (mini-star cookies). Director: Keith Englisch
  • Farmer in Dutch soap-series “All Stars” (Director: Jean van de Velde)
  • Waiter in commercial for KPN (name-calling): Superchique pizza (PPGH/JWT)
  • Policeman in “Bennie”. Directed by Tim Oliehoek (Academy of Dutch Film and Television)


  • Fotography for Web-company Newelm ( Photo: Anne Klein Photography.


  • Suicidal man in fake commercial for VW Smile. Directed by Diederik van Rooyen. (Academy of Dutch Film and Television)
  • Kürten in German (Sat 1) TV-series “Die Kumpel” (Nr. 9 “Jackies Chance”). (Director: Karl Kasses)(broadcast on December 12th)
  • Low-life taxidriver in Merry X-mas (It.) (Director: Neri Parenti).


  • Attii Opor, main part in graduate-movie “Tsar”. “Hogeschool voor de kunsten,” Utrecht. Director: Arthur van Opstal Andersson.
  • “Crazy madman” in Boobytrap, tv-program. Yorin. Director(s): Ellis Smit / David Lipschits (never broadcasted).
  •  “Eddy Wally’s Manager” in Boobytrap, TV program. Yorin, Produced by Endemol. Director(s): Geert-Jan Bak and Ellis Smit;
  • “Criminal” in Commercial for Bavaria Beer (New York). Director: Manu Koeman. My opponent was Timothy Franken. See his website for more information on the guy to the left.


  • “Catharina’s husband”, in “Kat”, graduate-movie of the Open Studio Amsterdam, direction: Video-top. Director: Eric Creemers.


Further Information

Schooling General :

  •  Gymnasium-B (Bernrode)
  • University (Psychology) (Nijmegen NL)
  • Pion reschooling project in Automatioin (Cap Gemeni, Amersfoort).

Specific Schooling in Acting:

  • 1990 : – Basic course Camera-acting at Christ Stuur (Maarssen, NL)
  • 1994 : – Advanced course Camera-Acting at the Open Studio (Marianne Vermeulen) Amsterdam
  • 1995 : – Course Camera-Acting at the AVS, Utrecht (Marianne Vermeulen).


Last not least do I have 12 year podium experience being the singer of several bands
(punk, new wave, musical-theater and heavy metal). And they got me in it again.
We will be playing again in a new band. More Info on the verge here! Stay tuned!

I have been working part-time as an expert in
Automation at the Heidemij BV in Arnhem.
I left there the 1 of may, 1997, with pain in my heart.
I already miss the buggers there…. Evelyn, Kat of course, Bren, Kees, Martien and Fred, André,
Wim (twice), Herman,
Henky (twice), Ben, Joost and all the rest… Can’t mention them all here, can I.

On the other hand, I found …and lost a very good new boss in
Aranea Consult B.V. in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
I also am the left and right hand of Anita van
Kempen, a very fine artist from Nijmegen (La Pempí)
(who also happens to be my wife … 😉 ).

Finally: Check my band The Touch ! The best Nederbeat band ever!!!